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Featured on the BBC's The One Show

LiveSkin tested on the BBC's The One Show

LiveSkin as featured as featured on The BBC’s The One Show. Force of tackles is a result of two colliding bodies. LiveSkin demonstrated this astonishing force on The BBC’s The One Show where athletes’ reliance on painkillers was discussed

Immersive Sport Experience

We all think we’re training better, getting stronger, pushing our bodies harder, but we don’t actually know, do we? With the world’s best wearable force-sensing system, LiveSkin, now you can know whether you’re going beyond your limit or getting fatigue. You will know when you deliver those hits that will put the opponents on their backs.

Our mission is to make sport analysis easier and more accessible, by augmenting body contact information into your routine training. Visualising the feedbacks that technology can give, so that you could achieve more, reaching a higher potential, and there’s no limit to becoming a champion.

LiveSkin Rugby

Scrums, tackles, or rucks, LiveSkin worn as shoulder pads help rugby players quantify those challenging contacts, improve techniques and prevent shoulder injuries. LiveSkin pads are designed to fit comfortably on the shoulders, made to be thin but resilient, and they don’t deform!

LiveSkin. Accurate. Washable.

LiveSkin lives inside your sport kits or work gear as your
intelligent companion. In order to create the most comfortable and wearable force sensing device on your body, we designed delicate layers of materials into the garment itself. Accurate force readings that work with the compressive behaviour of your muscles are validated using sport science methods.

You get early warning of the onset of muscle injuries from overuse and fatigue. Your data is “ltered out without the cluttering. LiveSkin becomes more intelligent over time. It becomes part of you, thinks with you, and helps you win.

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